ARLA has renewed it campaign calling for the private rental sector to be better regulated to stop rogue landlords charging excessive tenant fees.

A report by ARLA shows that 74 per cent of ARLA licensed agents charge tenants no more than £250 in tenant fees and only £213 on average.

The services which tenants are most likely to be charged for are reference checks, with 98 per cent of agents charging tenants, followed by charges for the tenancy agreement (69 per cent) and then fees for tenancy renewal (65 per cent).

Some 57 per cent of ARLA licensed agents stated they charged a flat fee that includes all of these services for tenants, rather than charge individually itemised and calculated tenant fees.

“Renting a property is a big financial commitment and tenants should be made aware of what exactly they are being charged for and what they are getting for their money. ARLA supports openness and transparency when it comes to fees” says the association’s managing director David Cox.

6th December 2014